Community Eye Centre

Dhading–Dhading Besi, Nepal

Since Sue spent much of her time in Nepal leading treks and pursuing her climbing ambitions, she became very fond of the Nepalese people and wanted to do more.

The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) was active in the region, improving the quality of peoples lives by providing much needed eye care and surgery. Sue met Fred Hollows and subsequently Dr Sanduk Ruit in Nepal, who had been providing free, modern cataract surgery which enabled people to see and live more independently again.

As a passionate supporter, Sue raised awareness and funds for FHF by giving talks at schools, community and business groups. Her book, ‘Fear No Boundary’ – One woman’s amazing journey, contributed a dollar from every sale to the FHF.

‘Sue Fear! What kind of name is that?’

Sue was a beautiful person, a great Australian and an inspiration to The Foundation and to all those who knew her.

Gabi Hollows dedicated an Eye Centre in memory of Sue, in the remote Himalayan region of Dhading-Dhading Besi, Nepal. During a memorial visit to Nepal in 2008, the Fear family and Sue’s friends visited the centre site before construction began.

Sue's family at the site of the Dhading Eye Centre before works begin (L to R: Brothers John & Grahame with daughters, Rebecca, Rachel & Wife Anna).
Construction begins on the Dhading Eye Centre.
Close to completion, the main building is taking shape.
Gabi Hollows on-site for the opening of the Eye Centre, unveiling the commemorative plaque.

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